About Us

We are a Christian volunteer group that wants to make a difference in our world by doing good works in our local and international community on campus.  Each year more than 1,000,000 international come to the USA to study or to live.  We see this as an opportunity to be a friend at a time when their need is greatest.

Things we do


Arriving in a new country can be intimidating. FOI coordinates with campus organizations and local volunteers to greet you the moment you arrive.

Welcome party

Living abroad can be overwhelming. FOI hosts a party to invite you into our
community. We want to get to know you and introduce you to family and friends while eating good food and having fun!

Dinner at my house
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Everyone loves good food with good friends. Dinner at my house is a great opportunity to enjoy a meal together with our community while developing
deep friendships.

Cultural Exchange
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English is a difficult language to master. So why not make it fun with Conversational English! Join FOI every month for an evening of food, fun games, and meaningful discussion.

Art &

We will be organizing different inspirational art and crafts activities that will foster fun and friendship.  


Come experience the biggest sports events in the USA. There will be food, and a lot of  cheering.

Dance Party
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Dancing is one of the best ways to express and celebrate culture. Come learn a new dance or teach your own as we raise money to support orphanages around the world.

Soccer Saturday

All over the world, soccer brings people together to compete & build friendships. Come join us as we play pickup games on local fields around the wider Kansas City area.


Come experience one of the most significant holidays in the USA.