Dinner At My House

Dinner At My House

Did you know that most international students who study in the United States never step foot in an American home? One of the most welcoming things an international student can experience is being welcomed into the home of an American and being able to foster a friendship there. That’s why we started the Dinner At My House program in FOI.

Dinner At My House is pretty much what it sounds like: international students and our volunteers pair up one-one-one or in small groups and have dinner at the home of the volunteer. Of course, the meal doesn’t have to be dinner: it could be breakfast, brunch, lunch, or just snacktime. Regardless of when it happens, our goal for Dinner At My House is to get international students and volunteers together over food to build relationships. We want Dinner At My House to be a time of sharing food, laughter, and—most importantly—life.

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